Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I set up a new appointment?

We typically see a new patient within one week for therapy with a prescriber appointment to follow.

Should I bring my lab test results?

Some lab work will be completed in our office, such as urinalysis.  When other lab work is requested, you will be sent to a reference lab.  Please request you lab results be faxed to our office, and obtain a copy for your records.  Bring your results with you to your next appointment.

Can I call in my prescription refill?

Focus Behavior Health does not call in "Controlled Substances".  You must come in for an office visit.  Prior authorization for medications can take up to 10 business days.  Please do not call our office repeatedly.  You can get your preferred drug list (formulary) for mental health conditions by calling your insurance company or by visiting their website.  This will inform you of the cost and availability of medications.

Can a payment plan be set-up for monthly payments?

Yes, consistent monthly payments can be arranged to avoid any collection concerns.  Ask our billing office for more details.